It’s Muzak B*#@hes!

Holy Smokes!  Yesterday’s mix was so tight I got a cramp, and so good that it didn’t stop me!  As usual, DJ Muzak brought us to our knees–literally.  When’s the last time you saw a room full of ladies crawling around on the floor arching their backs like alley cats (besides on Cinemax at 3 a.m.)?  Me-ow. (Go ahead and click on the graphic, by the way) 




Not to mention the SIX armed goddess of boogie we threw up in front of the lava projector!  We clapped, we stomped, we patted our weaves, popped our lip gloss, and wound it up!  London Bridge came down, but everything was alright.  Muzak, your booty shakin’,  heart-pounding mix made all our fantasies come true!


No doubt about it, we are slaves 4 Ur music, Muzak!


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