Two-fer! + a Complimentary Anti-Depressant!

First off, let me say if you stayed home on Wednesday to watch Lost, than you LOST!!! Big time!  Because you missed out on DJ Michelle Leslie Brown’s celebratory mix.  That’s right–new administration=NEW MUSIC!  A stomp worthy mix that we wouldn’t dare put asunder, DJ MLB blended funky fresh old school and new, and pulled out two of the most hardcore, kick-ass tunes I have ever lost my mind to on the dancefloor, and which I heartily plan on poaching for a future mix!  See numbers 6 and 7:

ddpp-012109DJ MLB, not only did you make me feel like dancing, your mix melted away all my inhibitions.  I got to flailing so hard during Stevie wonder that I think I sprained my butt!  It was a religious experience and looked something like this, minus the habit:


That I CAN go for!

And now for the two promised in the title.  Some of you may have noticed that last Wednesday’s playlist hasn’t yet been posted!  Sorry about that, things have been crazy round here lately!  Alas, I was not present for this one, but I can fully imagine DJ Rudy Toot’s smokin’ hot, decade and genre busting mix was a gumbo of goodness that made that ridiculously frigid night more bearable!  Mmmm, New Jack Swing…

ddpp-mix-1-14-09-rudy-tootToot toot! AND BOOM BOOM! JB here in the house. Here to apologize for not getting the Rudy Toot’s mix up in a timely manner! I was getting chased by bison on the great American plains, and those mother cluckers wouldn’t let me pause to blog. So let me just say a word or 57 about Rudy Toot’s high-octane tunage.

So this mix was the antidote to seasonal affective disorder. Rudy informed us before the mix began that there was one song on there that could sucker punch the winter blues no matter how big and bad they were. The thing is – every song on the mix could do it (and did!)

For me, that blues-buster was “Automatic” – the greatest song in the Pointer Sisters’ catalog. I always have to ask myself when it begins- is that a Pointer Brother? Lady’s got one hell of  range.

But when our lady tis of thee Dolly Parton came in to sing the song of the working woman, our serotonin levels were at a collective high (as were our kicks).

But the real McCoy for DJ Rudy Tootser was this Hot Hot Hot!!! Cure song, which of course, is pure, molten magma. Give us -20 degree temps! Dump on us with enough snow to bury our city! We have The Cure.


Thanks Rudy Toot. My scalding soreness from those high kicks has just begun to subside.


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