I was going to save this for the end, but really, why? DJ Cookiepuss made a mix that was so intense, so inspiring, that one lady dancer’s tampon fell out. There.


That’s right. An ice cream cake made by Carvel (who else?) traipsed into class and plugged us into this sasstastic mix:


Just like the cake itself, her mix served 12-14 perfectly, leaving us with a supreme sugar high and ring of white around our maws. And the songs DJ Cookiepuss scooped generously for us didn’t have to say much. Instead, they just blew us away with their sweet, bass-rich flavors (and ice cream cone noses). And although the room was packed with women – we didn’t have nearly enough milk to go around and wash it down. That’s alright though – because we used sweat. (watoooy!)

What I really wanted to do for this blog was make a magic eye picture featuring a unicorn making love to a narwhal, because that’s exactly what this mix felt like. But I just don’t have the skills. But if you look hard enough, and listen long enough, I’m convinced you’ll see exactly what I mean below:


Thank you thank you thank you cookiepuss. Even though it was none of our birthdays, you made our birthdays.


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