So Spring’s a comin, and in honor of it I’m making some chchchchchanges. Chopped off my hair, painted my nails for the first time in many, many years and changed my DJ name (née D J Bran). Starting tonight, I will henceforth be known as DJ Quelquefois (pronounced: kell-kuh-fwah) or for short – DJ QQF. But what does it mean? Well, if you know your french it means “DJ Sometimes” and if you don’t know your french it likely means “DJ Asswipe with the french name.”

And why would I rename the classic D J Bran (who makes you loose yer sh*t) to this new name? Well precisely because of nights like tonight. When a regularly scheduled DJ has technical issues or is stuck in traffic or is too freaked out to come in because there could be another Chicago cougar. Sometimes, these times, I am DJ.

But what does it sound like? Hot beats, sytheseismic urges and a gluttonous gob of novelty & kitsch. In other words, this:

DJ Quelquefois

But what does it look like? And why am I asking all sorts of questions pretending like maybe these would actually be questions that you, reader/dancer would care to know? Hmm. To the latter query, it’s because I’m watching the superbowl with one eye and eating chocolate mochi with one hand and not feeling creative enough to set this up better. To the first, superior question, I answer this: Kind of like a baby with hairy ankles.

Like a baby with hairy ankles and hairy pits and a whole mess of strawberry pubes.

imagesshave-20the-20baby-smallI got nothin else. Ok – I lied.


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