DJ Tanner once again in a Full House!

Thank you ladies, for lettin’ DJ Tanner entertain you with many of her childhood beats. She took a risk, and you offered support. You! Me! We! Dancing! DJ Tanner had to learn a lot in life. She’s had to learn how to relax in the face of school assignments, to deal with the controversy over why her two grown uncles lived in the basements of her house, and she had to deal with the Hot-and-Cold personality of her dear friend, Kimmy Gibler. If only she had a place like DDPP to Dance Dance Dance life’s little frustrations off and share her exciting day through fabulous dance moves. I know she thought, “There’s more to life than this”. And there is….It’s called Dance Dance Party Party where we love you ladies because you are you, but also because you come out and take a chance, allowing yourselves to be free of everything for an hour. DJ Tanner especially loves you because she can play a cheesy song like With You, and know that there is a part in all of us that kind of likes a song like that…even if we can’t 100% admit it – we can embrace it at DDPP. Bring it on ladies. Oh and three phrases that sum up DJ Tanner’s life in a nutshell: “How rude”, “Cut it Out”, “Have Mercy”- you can tell she didn’t dance enough. Enjoy the play list.



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