Doowutchalike DJ Michelle Leslie Brown!

I have to admit, I was exhausted before DDPP tonight. I seriously thought my body had nothing to give. I’ve gotta say, DJ Michelle Leslie Brown, a regular on the DJ front, got my legs movin’. It’s amazing what kind of energy can come out in a room full of incredible ladies. Michael J and fam – you got it going on! That dance, right in the middle of our stretch created a whole new level of dance. The hips, the legs, the arms of everyone in the room were feeling just a little more energy. Woo! And then it just kept building and building. The only thing that would have made Chaka Khan better, was a pair of rollerskates and glow in the dark bracelets. The song by Black Sheep – too good! I know every lady in the house was gettin’ down to the last fast song, Every Little Step. There was a lot of clapping and a feeling of freedom in the room tonight. Keep it comin’ girl – Doowutchalike!!!!!!!



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