Show Us Your…Tunerkins!

Who needs to shlep all the way down to the bayou when the Witch Queen of New Orleans can bring the magic of NOLA to Chi-town?  This year we chucked Mardi Gras in favor of Dimanche Gras, all thanks to DJ Tunerkin.  Her mix was sweeter than a paczki, smokier and more complex than a gumbo, with more essence than Emeril could himself could handle!  Enough cajun spice to burn down Paris, Tunerkin’s homage to the Big Easy demanded we turn up the music, sound the alarm, and get DOWN on it.  She even brought us beads:


but thankfully all we had to flash her was our moves!   

And because Dimanche Gras coincided with THE OSCARS, there were even a few nods to the night’s big winner: Slumdog Millionaire!  Go Slumdog!  Go Tunerkin!  You take home the gold in my book!



One thought on “Show Us Your…Tunerkins!

  1. Dimanche Gras ruled!! I loved the circular cajun kick dance that formulated! If I had to summarize the class in one word I’d say…



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