Eaten by the monster of…

Dance LOVE! Were you to have been at DDPP this last Wednesday, you would certainly recognize the form below:

monster of loveFor this my friends, is the monster of love. And we were all but consumed with it. And it, with us.

DJ Global Maestro (who in life outside of DDPP is also an actual DJ, in addition to becoming a physicist) shared a brilliant flash of her collection with us in that glorious hour of… glory. We were regaled with a wonderfully balanced mix of songs both familiar and obscure. And lucky for us, in making the mix Global Maestro put a cap on the beats-per-minute, leaving us all heart-attack free. (Let me tell you, red spandex pants or not, this DJ can dance to an astonishingly rapid succession of beats). Please take a moment to peruse the collection below, and ask yourself – “self – wasn’t that fun?” Even if you weren’t there. Because self, it was. Very. Even if you had indigestion from scarfing down two tamales moments before class began. Even if.


Thank you master, Maestro, DJ. You are welcome to share your dreams in the form of songs with us anytime. For even if you are a dreamer, you’re not the only one.

And Jeff, Jen B’s hubby, if you’re reading this, I believe you’ll agree I should not allow myself to listen to classical music while writing DDPP blogs ever again. Because it inspires me write like a schmuck.


2 thoughts on “Eaten by the monster of…

  1. An eclectic and PAHTY HAHTY mix indeed! The mono chrome red DJ get up really sealed the deal! Awesome class!!!

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