On this first day of March – blizzardy snow and all – we were lovingly embraced with sweat, heart palpitations and a mix that God herself would give TWO THUMBS UP!  DJ LadyKStud hit us and hit us hard this time around, sistahs!  TLC and their late 90s hit “Creep” kicked it off and I didn’t know whether to stretch or start groovin’ right from the start!!  Things got funky with the Black Eyed Peas (they keep it stinkaay) and moved in to AUTOMATIC mode with a hilarious old school tune from the glorious Pointer Sisters. 


We were all dancing our frozen baguettes off from start to finish and loved every minute of it!  Any mix with Justy Timberlake in it is a winner in my book and DAMN GIRL, DAMN GIRL, DAMN GIRL, DAMN I’m sore today!

Thanks for the sweet work out Lady K and thanks for the incredible energy and jammed out vibes, dancers!  Another class for the record books!




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