That Sound You Heard Wasn’t God Bowling…

It was DJ Thunderbum breaking the sound barrier with a footstompin’, floor shakin’ mix that rumbled awesomeness across the land!  With beats so bass thumpingly wicked the faint of heart may have taken cover, mistaking our grooving for this:


Rightly so!  It was just as thrilling, just as awe-inspiring, and only a little less dangerous.  It WAS medicine–saved us all from lazy Sunday syndrome.  I danced so hard I went blind, and spent the rest of the night stretched out on the couch feeling comfortably numb (the BEST remix of that song I’ve ever heard by the way!)  We ladies fell in step, single or not, and left pieces of ourselves all over the dance floor.  DJ Thunderbum, if this is the way you are then we love you!  Konichiwa, domo arigato, and HOLLA!



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