It’s eclectic! Be bop booo ba deep ba da be bop…

Genius DJ Smartie Pants gave us all an ear wedgie yesterday with her incredibly tight and perfect fitting mix. But I think one of us was wearing the wrong underwear for it, eh, puppy pantaloons?

dj smartie pants

Sorry – had to work that picture in somehow. But yes – back to what transpired… We had a handful of new ladies join in the mix – complete with bangin outfits (pix to come). They sashayed in after the room was already dark and we were well into poppin our lip gloss and didn’t miss a beat. No explanation of what DDPP is all about was needed. Was like dem gals were born right there in the studio. Some ladies just get it, right? Like we all did last night. Clappin, hootin, hollerin, stompin – it was a ripe night for antics.

And why was that? I mean really – take a look at this f%^&*ing mix! It spanned decades! Languages! Continents! And it was exactly what we all needed to get through the rest of this frackin week.


Thanks to DJ Smartie Pants for showing us that this dude didn’t corner the market on brilliance in pants.



2 thoughts on “It’s eclectic! Be bop booo ba deep ba da be bop…

  1. Sorry I missed this one, but THAT PICTURE is enough to get me through the rest of the YEAR. I’m lizzing! I’m lizzing!

  2. Listening to Traxx Funk on the computer and they just played a song called Smarty pants by 1st choice. DJ Smartie pants needs to track that one down for her next playlist!!

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