Deja Deja Vu Vu

Once again it was a dark and stormy afternoon. Once again we were betrayed by nature, leaving the studio only to be showered in snow (Hello! It’s April! ENOUGH ALREADY!). And once again it didn’t seem to suck quite so bad, because our hearts (and hineys!) were toasty warm thanks to DJ Stone Fox’s fantabulous beats!
That’s right, there wasn’t a glitch in the matrix (or was there?), DJ Stone Fox rocked it out for a second week in a row! And the lucky ladies who braved the cold were treated to her prerogative. She dropped a BOMB on us. More roller rink flashbacks, more soul than you could shake a stick at–unless that stick was a poison arrow! We beat those faux spring blues, got up, down, off, and on, whether Stone Fox meant us to or not. Me, myself, & I know that for the last two weeks, for at least one hour on a Sunday afternoon, I got to live the glamorous life. DJ Stone Fox, thanks for showing us how two can make it out of sight! You’re the foxiest!


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