Taxes got a choke hold on your wallet? Economy got two fingers going straight for your eye balls? Yes indeed. We know what it’s like.

That’s why we’ve been meeting with top level advisors and danceonomists from around the world to reach consensus on the most fiscally responsible way of how to bail a woman out where she needs it most. Where? Come on. You know where.

The dance floor.

Stimulate this, ya’ll!

Yep – no need to bring in an I.O.U or your rolls of pennies next week, because

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 15th & SUNDAY, APRIL 19th… the Chicago chapter of Dance Dance Party Party will be FREE to ALL
(ladies of course)


Kindly inform all of your friends who don’t have the dough to meet you for coffee, that they CAN actually afford to have the best hour(s) of their week with you. Nudge that co-worker who keeps saying “I’ll try it out one of these days.” Call your mother. Fine – she might not live here and might not be up for dancing, but just call her. She misses you.

And while we have your attention… also be informed that we will be having DDPP THIS SUNDAY – April 12th (otherwise known as EASTER to some). So don’t stay home gorging on Cadbury eggs doing the bunny hop alone. We’re here for you.


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