The Fabled Lovechild Mix

Sometimes technology failure gives birth to something beautiful and rare. Something that’s neither here nor there, not fully one thing and just partially the other. What I’m saying is, due to ipod freezing and speaker malfunction, last Wednesday’s class was exactly like this:


DJ Smartie Pants started us off with an eclectic mix, full of heart-pumping, sweat-inducing rhythms.We took a collective ride on the sin wagon. We bounced that all around the GD room. And then we began re-enacting and reinterpreting some Leo+Kate moments with our hind quarters.


And then… time (aka DJ Smartie Pant’s ipod) froze… and a seed and an egg, in the disguise of two playlists, merged into one.

It happened like this: DJ Quelquefois (DJ QQF) broke glass and busted out her in-case-of-emergency mix. The two DJs seamlessly blended their musical stylings as nature didn’t even know it intended, and DDPP suddenly emerged a gorgeous creature with a muscular frame and blonde mane …who takes giant horse craps, even if you don’t want to admit that something that beautiful indeed excretes.


Thanks to everyone’s patience as we worked out the technical kinks and made love to your ears in a way we used to think was only fictionally possible. Here’s hoping that after we released our mix into the wild, she met someone with whom she could identify, and spawn new mixes of this ilk. Should you see/hear a child in a stroller with hooves and super hot equine parents, you know who to thank. DJ Smartie Pants + DJ QQF.



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