Tax Day Stimulation

Take it from me – (TAKE IT, DAMMIT! thank you.) there’s nothing like some dance action on April 15th to get one out of the “I owe the Gov’t $$$$” blues.


DJ Rudy Toot bailed us out of our mixed-metaphor misery and came with an ipod busting with pure, aural, gold. Gold that we traded for endorphins, sweat, smiles,  stress release and yes, joy.

In case you’ve never experienced her, Rudy Toot is a master of the kind of mixes that bust out that one song you heard on the radio driving cross country back in ’79 – but have never been able to find again since. One such tune was her cool-down song – You Cut Up the Clothes. (Psssst – Click on that link and download that one for free! (THANKS RUDY!)) It’s one of those songs you might not need on this sunny, lovely spring day. But soon enough it will rain. So be sure to have this puppy on hand to help you get those tears out in the bathtub. It’s a real duct jerker.


Thanks to all the newbies who came out to our FREE (YEP – 100% free!) DDPP yesterday. For those who couldn’t make it – this SUNDAY – April 19th will also be free as a celebration of hopefully being over with tax season and firmly into Spring.

And just in case you doubted Michael McDonald and Kenny Loggin’s songwriting prowess, here’s a tale that will give meaning to the 2nd to last tune in Rudy’s set:


2 thoughts on “Tax Day Stimulation

  1. “you cut up the clothes” has been stuck in my head since last night – and now it’s on my ipod! hooray! don’t be surprised if this pops up on a future dj rerun mix! 🙂

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