Officially Brightened

Roy Avers can’t be wrong:


MC Sunshine, that is!   She busted through our cloudy Sunday with a ray of awesomeness that deserved an angelic choir.  Ladies, is it just me or has this spring been UNBEARABLE?  A handful of beautiful days quickly erased by snow, rain, and skin peeling wind.  Thankfully our DJ was able to drop the toasty warm bomb of  joy that mother nature has been withholding!  And our response was automatic: harder, better, faster, stronger body movin’ that looked supermassively good on the dance floor.  I dare you to say it didn’t move you!  In case you still don’t get the message, MC Sunshine doesn’t mess around (unless she’s doin’ the mess around!)  This is how she DO IT:


Yeah baby!  Thanks for bringin’ a taste of that southern sunshine north of the Mason-Dixon.  It was well worth the wait!


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