As I’m sure you all noticed, this Sunday was pretty much the first Sunday it hasn’t rained (or snowed!) since THE DAWN OF TIME.  Or a couple weeks anyway.  And so it was the perfect warm, sunshiny afternoon for DJ Thunderbum’s Spring Fever Mix–an homage to the birds and the bees that had us all saying ooh la la:


You do that.  Kind of.  

Anywho, this mix was explicit!  I got so dirrty I hit the floor–literally.  DJ Thunderbum brought sexy back along with spring, and next thing you know we all got low. Thanks to her electric eruption there was a little more action in the studio this week.  It was that fabulous kind of relentless motion that leaves you spent, sore, and satisfied–double entendre intended. I’ll give you all a break for a glass of water, fan, or cold shower.  Ready for more?


I got the fever, and the only cure is MORE THUNDERBUM!!


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