Toner Tuner Tunkerkin!

Our beloved DJ Tunerkin ripped us a new one with the mix from last Wednesday. It ripped us so hard – we’ve been couch-ridden waiting to get the energy up to post about it for 6 days now!

toni on couch

Note: It is not recommended that you come to DDPP with bell-bottoms. They have  been known to cause many a dancer to trip and injure other dancers.

Note: The note above is a lie. Wear whatever you want.

Note: In looking for a photo to show a couch-ridden female, this one came up – and the sleeping lady’s name is Toni! Which happens to maybe just be our DJ’s name perhaps… NEATO!

OK – now for the Tunerkin’s tuners:

DJ Tunerkin

That’s right. Tunerkin’s got eclectic, electric mixes down pat! Thanks for kicking so much ass woman! DDPPCHI loves you!


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