Lil’ E = Big F-U-N!

You’ve heard her soulful, sassy beats before on several DJ 3-Way mixes, but this Sunday DJ Lil’ E flew solo for the first time.  The result?  A cannonball of beats that tore through the studio and knocked us all on our butts!  Lil’ E promised she would bring us back to life and she delivered.  As one lady said, you can tell a lot about someone’s personality from their mix.  I think it’s fair to say that from the grin-inducing Monkees to the ape-shit pandemonium of PJ Harvey, DJ Lil’ E was all about giving joy an edge–and giving us red faces, sore legs, and happy hearts.

Picture 1

Girl, I wish you didn’t live so far away!  Fire up that Metra card and bring us another mix soon!  As far as we’re concerned, you’re the 50 ft. Queen of DDPP.


Ain’t nothin’ little about it!


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