DJ Tanner Is All Grown Up

Riddle me this, dancers/readers… what ever did happen to predictability? The milkman, the paperboy, evening tv? Sadly, I didn’t even need to watch the above video to write the lyrics. They are burned into my gray matter, taking up the space that should be used for all the more important shit like the combination to the lock that is keeping me from my bank statements.

And if you’re up for it – watch the trailer above and see what’s different from the usual Full House seasons. Something…someone…is…um… 

With a Full House and our scheduled DJs MIA (helloooooo?) DJ Tanner did the eco-friendly thing and recycled a mix from days of yore, and yule. She trimmed our Holiday 2007 mix down on the fly, just like she was sculpting the family yule log with a chain saw. So some of what you see below was heard, but to know which exact songs those were, well – you had to be there. Got to give you some incentive to keep comin, eh? 

Picture 1


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