To Bee or Not To Bee…

No question!  To Bee, of course, when that Bee is DJ Amy Bee.  There was rumor of a costume…


Alas, our DJ decided to forgo it.  Probably a good idea, just in case someone is allergic.

Nonetheless, Amy Bee’s magnificent mix stung us silly!  But what can you do?  Sometimes love hurts so good 😉  From the time Sexy Boy got us all warmed up until the last fast song (which I LOVE and for some reason canNOT remember the name of!) inspired us to break out of our rigid comb and form a twirling, galloping swarm, DJ Amy Bee’s beats flowed sweet as honey.  And to think, she was worried that her mix would be too slow!?  Hell no!  Move over Buzz (the Honey Nut Cheerios Bee):


There’s a new sheriff in town.



6 thoughts on “To Bee or Not To Bee…

  1. Bees are pretty gentle. They only sting to defend their home and use it as a last resort because when they sting bigger animals half their body is pulled off. When their just searching for pollen and nectar, their really gentle.

  2. HOLY COW! THAT GIRL IN THE 1ST IPIC! im allergic so i wouldnt even want ONE bee on me bc theyve stung me b4…. TWICE! AAAAAH shes C-R-A-Z-Y! ~LOVE MEE!

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