Nuzzle on Up to A lil Blue Eyed Soul

DJ Michelle Leslie Brown is quietly, modestly and quite effectively – blowing our minds. While she’s contributed umpteen mixes to DDPP Chicago – she has never once played a song another has played, nor a song she has played before. As we’ve heard over 3,000 songs at DDPP over the course of 2 years – you might begin to scratch the surface of marveling at the time, effort and genius that goes into creating a playlist by DJ MLB. But the true appreciation comes when you experience it…

So our good friend Doug has agreed to present to Miss DJ Leslie Brown a token of our gratitude for such valor, such courage, and such a frackin redonkulous ability to find amazing dance songs we never knew… we never heard.

doug trophy2

DJ MLB treated us to a much-ignored genre by our DDPP DJS of yore, some booty-groovin, hip-swervin, Blue-Eyed Soul. MMMMM! What is blue-eyed soul you ask, you whippersnapper you?  EDUCATE YOSELF! It’s amazing – that’s what it is. Any genre that includes Hall & Oates and Annie Lennox is A-OK with all of us. Thanks DJ MLB. Be sure to get some brass wax for your trophy. But know that your mixes will never tarnish.

ddpp 060309


3 thoughts on “Nuzzle on Up to A lil Blue Eyed Soul

  1. Congrats, DJ MLB! Anytime you want to spin some tunes for the Twin Cities, go right ahead! Miss you!

  2. aw shucks…i’m flattered! i do have to say, though, that the whole ‘no repeat’ thing has only been in play since the database went live, which means that i need to share this award w/the creators of said database. we’re all winners! 🙂

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