A Quiz…

DJ MLB stands for:

a) Major League Booty-shaker
b) Mutha Lovin’ Badass
c) Michelle Leslie Brown

Answer Key:


DJ Michelle Leslie Brown’s beats last night were all that and a bag of chips.  


No, not that kind, this kind:


Her mixes are a phenomenon–no matter how little I’ve slept or how crappy my day has been, I can count on Michelle Leslie Brown to carry me away.  Within seconds I feel like I’ve been partying all the time, and before I know it I’m boogying so hard it’s going to take me 17 days to recover.  It was paradise, but is was also club lonely: Wednesday ladies, where were you???  Take a gander at what you missed, smack your foreheads V-8 style, and get back to dancin’ ASAP!

ddpp 061709


If you shook your groove thang on June 7th, you’ve probably been waiting, with itunes open, for that Sunday’s set list.  Your wait is over!  Witness the appropriately titled stomp-clap-whistle mix of DJ Dollface:

stomp clap whistle mix 06-07-09

I CANNOT BELIEVE I missed this one!


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