Cat On a Hot Wood Dancefloor

This Sunday’s mix was hot-hot-hot!  Literally.  No a/c.  But figuratively, too, because DJ Meow Mix (aka DJ Skydive) brought the sizzle for rizzle.


I didn’t even have to doctor this photo–thank you internet.  Anywho, once the beats started flowing we were on fire, fire!  We got sweaty and low, and even though it felt like we were walking on sunshine (with all the flesh melting plasma that implies) we weren’t scarred.  Far from it!  DDPP ladies are tough broads–we shake it like the post office: rain, shine, sleet, snow, or lack of freon.

And in case you were wondering, DJ Meow Mix switched up her moniker in honor of her real live feline Peaches, who’s been under the (ridiculously, insanely hot) weather.  Hopefully our collective love and sweat appeased Bastet and inspired many ancient blessings on Peaches.  At the least, I’m sure DJ Meow Mix’s descriptions of our cavorting cheered her up.


Thanks for one purrrfect afternoon DJ Meow Mix!  (ugh, I think I just made myself throw up a little with that one.  Hairball.)

Picture 1

*Also, don’t forget that this Sunday is DJ Dizz’s Birthday Extravaganza!!!  Be at the studio at 3:30 pm to help Dizz relive the danciest moments of her three decades.  I’m promised there will be a/c, and (even better) there will be sugar.


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