A Day to Remember

Thank you everyone who came out yesterday to celebrate with me!  It was a pop-rockin’, chocolatey cupcakein’, balloon battin’ BONANZA!!!  Truly, I could not have asked for a better way to commemorate my first 30 years on planet earth:



As those of you who were there know, I made a special mix of songs connected with memories of dancing.  Some as simple as groovin’ in the living room with my family or in the car with friends.  Others a little more specific.  Here are those songs, and the best of the backstories:


#3: In 1983 I was a flower girl at my uncle’s wedding.  When this song came on during the reception, I ran to the middle of the dancefloor and COMPLETELY SPAZZED OUT, screaming Ghostbusters at the top of my lungs while jerking like a maniac.  And yes, there is video evidence.

#9: The name and theme song of my 5th grade bowling team.  Many a New Kids dance in the parking lot of Merribowl.

#12: 8th grade talent show dance routine.  And yes, there is video evidence.

#17: Two words: Senior Prom.

#19: You won’t find this song anywhere because it’s my brother’s old band, but picture me doing the monkey in a red-fringed flapper dress and go-go boots on a stage.

#21: Won free tickets to see these guys in concert, and some random guy in the audience taught me how to swing dance.

#24: Got drunk at a friend’s wedding and did a little booty-poppin’ with someone’s slightly terrified (and underage) nephew or cousin.  And yes, there is video evidence.

#29: Threw this bad boy on a ddpp mix a few months ago and shit got TRIBAL up in the studio.  Couldn’t resist reliving the moment.

Big love to you all!!!  Hope to do it again in another 30 years 🙂




4 thoughts on “A Day to Remember

  1. Awwwww…love the pics and the memories. Thanks for the awesome mix…what a way to celebrate a life!

  2. I think a good time was had by all!!! I know I sure did!
    Happy Birthday DJ Dizz! You gave us all a reason to celebrate on a beautiful Sunday afternoon!

  3. Love you Kelley!!! I am sooo sorry I couldn’t be there. I was in a bachelorette haze. Happy happy 30th! You are a true gemstone and I am so happy to know and Den Mother with you!

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