One Glove One Love

If the satellites were doing their job tonight, this is the image they snapped above the DDPP studio a little over an hour ago:

MJ-FIREWORKSThe origin of this incredible face in the sky? DJ Peaches handiwork on the MJ tribute mix combined with the raw force of over a dozen fearless females donning white gloves and Gary, Indiana attitudes. Yes indeed…We popped, locked, and moonwalked our way into an hour of booty-bustin, heart-pumpin Michael Jackson favorites. There was air guitar on the floor. There were bewildered screaming women in the woods being chased by lurching zombies, and there was of course, a lot of eeeee-heeeee-ing. OW! Thank you to Fair Lisa for making this memorable memorial and to all the ladies who came out tonight to do what Michael did best – leave it all on the dance floor. Sha-mowan.

MJ Tribute

(MJ graphic and video link compliments of Aaron Wickenden, the lovely and talented manfriend of Den Mother JB)


3 thoughts on “One Glove One Love

  1. Thanks DJ peaches for dustin off the MJ records. Your playlist passed the white glove test!!!! It was a blast!
    Sorry you missed it but so glad to hear your kitty got home!!

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