DDPP THIS SUNDAY! + Did I hear someone say Karaoke?

That’s right! Our intermittent Summer Sunday schedule means we’re gonna get get get down this weekend – 7/26 at our usual Sunday time – 4-5pm. Come and shake your shit out. We promise Monday won’t  be so bad.


Make DDPP and kissing horses a part of your Sunday Times.



And we got a feeling that all you ladies who aren’t shy on the dance floor aren’t so shy on the mic, either. Some DDPP ladies have requested a KARAOKE NIGHT! So let’s do it! (Man above will not be in attendance)

Here’s a couple of dates we’re considering:

Friday, August 21st

Saturday, August 22nd

Cast your ballot by leaving a comment here or shooting us an email with all the dates you can make. Our email: ddppchicago[at]gmail[dot]com


2 thoughts on “DDPP THIS SUNDAY! + Did I hear someone say Karaoke?

  1. karaoke – i can make either night as of right now. i’ll probably drink way more than i’ll sing, but i’m guessing that won’t be an issue. 🙂

  2. Yay! I’m free either night too and will be there come hell or high water, though if I had my ‘druthers, I’d prefer the Saturday option.

    Thank you for putting out the feelers for this event. I’ll be glad to help however you see fit.

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