Sticky Sweet

Allow me some poetic (or spelling) license when I say that this week we got our Sunday on:


DJ Sassybrass’s mix was sticky sweet!  And it pretty much gave me an identical expression 🙂  The perfect platform for DJ Bridez Illah (AKA Kikki Bizzo) to get out the last of her slutty moves as a single lady, it was the kind of mix that drained our bodies and our water bottles, and made us forget for an hour that summer is halfway over.

But enough of that depressing stuff, the ladies who got their groove on this weekend know that Sassybrass brought the beats NON-STOP.  She even popped the DDPP cherry  of a  classic that made me  1) wish I could bust out some glow sticks, giant pants, and a pacifier, and 2) totally lose my shit. To think her man almost convinced her not to use it!  DJ Sassybrass, your mix was a treat and you deserve a little treat back.  I present to you the world’s biggest ice cream cone, and the world’s funniest picture:


You rule sister!  You can smack this bitch up any time.


Also, all you ladies out there who’ve DJ’d in the last few months!  Take a moment to enter your mix into the database if you can.  Directions are right here on the blog!


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