Supersonic Synchronicity

How do discoveries suddenly get discovered at virtually the same time in two different places? You know for every Darwin there was the forgotten scientist (who’s name even now I’m forgetting) that knew what was going on with those finches, too. Perhaps it’s quantum entanglement. Or perhaps it’s just chaos theory at work. But regardless…

Let the historical record show the feat of synchronicity that occurred in relation to tonight’s DJ and I, that tonight’s DJ beat me to the discovery. So wha’ happened?

DJ Agent N (for Natalie) is in addition to an amazing tunestress, a doula. And one of her woman-folk almost gave birth last night, which would have rendered this mix unheard. (Gasp!) (Thank you baby for pulling us a favor by staying in a warm and dark place without an economic recession.) But in preparing for this potential emergency, DJ Agent N kindly emailed me Tuesday night to let me know to bring a back-up mix just in case. In emailing back, DJ Agent N clicked on my website contained in my email signature…


Basha Mediterranean Restaurant, 1:29 pm, Wednesday, Skokie IL

I’m lunching with a recently met co-worker (Mike) and he’s telling me about his Detroit hip-hop scene roots. I say I do a dance thingie and am often looking for good hip-hop to throw on my mixes. He says “is it for Dance Dance Party Party?” To which I reply, “Why yes! How the hell do you know about this tiny all-women’s dance class?” And he says “My friend Natalie goes to that… you know who her husband is, right?”


Natalie’s house, Tuesday evening, 8:49pm

Sitting at her computer, browsing my wonky homepage, her husband Eric walks by and catches sight of what she’s looking at. He stops in his tracks, furrows his eyebrow and says “why in the heck are you looking at that lady’s homepage?”

So who is this Eric? Why should he be so shocked at my PG-13 website? Why is this so weird? Click here and read the bolded text to discover our mutual discovery.

In other words, this is what happened:

synchronicityWhich ultimately resulted in this:


And ended up sounding like this:

Picture 2

Thank you Natalie for this fantastic mix that rocked our bodies, and is still rocking my world. I can’t believe it took 8 months of working with your husband to discover this connection. One more and we would have given birth to it, I suppose. This was the best way, said the universe


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