Usually after I make a mix, even when I haven’t set out to make it themed, I find my subconscious has programmed in some kind of unifying element.  Maybe 80% of the songs I’ve chosen ask some kind of question, or maybe a disproportionate number of them use the phrase “pump it up.”  Either way, this makes it easier to write the blog.

Well last night’s mix was one hell of an exception.  I think I finally managed to include everything but the kitchen sink:


But I don’t know, maybe if you had to you could peel potatoes into Motownphilly.

Anyway, if you ask me last night had an electric feel–which I’ll attribute to the fabulous ladies who brought my mix to life!  Veterans and virgins alike shook their coconuts.  Honestly it was no myth, last night we found that thing, the magic groove that melts away the rest of the world for an hour and when it’s over you just don’t want to leave!  Better than psychotherapy, more atomic than the bomb, the music brought us together, stripped away our inhibitions, and let us revel in the miracle of our heartbeat.

Ladies, thanks so much for choosing DDPP last night!  You filled the studio with joy, and brought a huge smile to my face that I will carry into today.


DJ Dizz(aster)

Picture 1

P.S. Karaoke is ON for Saturday August 22!  If you are interested in joining us, please shoot us an email to RSVP so we know how big of a room we need to book.  SAY YES!!!  It will be AMAZING.


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