Did some sing Karaoke?

Nine beautiful and brave ladies showed up for the first DDPP fieldtrip to Karaoke on Lincoln. We had our own room but we could have basically taken over the entire building. In fact, the way the man and the woman behind the bar was pouring me shots, I think we actually did win the hearts of the staff! Some ladies showed up in the latest DDPP fashions and our beloved den mothers, the K’s, were rockin’ the house with floral and spandex patterns and material. I think my favorite part of the night which could have been everyone’s from the sound of laughter, was “Smooth Criminal”. I keep wondering if Annie’s ok. She never did respond to your insistent questioning. Nice job on the microphone ladies! We had so many songs that made all of us belt out together. Everyone had a great voice except for moi! Thanks for embracing mine! The only thing that would have completed my night, was having my partner and sidekick present. Ms. Jenny B was missing and I longed for her presence when I plugged in ‘Maneater’ by Hall and Oates into the gray box (Jenn-don’t worry. Ninety nine percent of the songs I entered into that Gray box never came out 😦

We had a blast and rocked it so hard that all of the ladies around us were willing to take off all of their clothes and do sexual dances for us. There were even some school girls in there, but I guess it is that time of year again. Thanks again ladies for making it to our first sponsored field trip.


2 thoughts on “Did some sing Karaoke?

  1. That was THE BEST rendition of Smooth Criminal I have EVER HEARD. I am STILL LAUGHING. And wutchu talkin bout JM? You did ABBA proud sister! I’d duet with you any day 🙂

  2. i would just like to point out that ‘gay bar’ just started playing in itunes as i was reading this. 🙂

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