The Circle of Life

Last month we donned our white gloves and recognized the passing of a legend.  DJ Peaches did a fantabulous job putting together a mix of Michael through the years, and the result was such a zombie-lurching, moon-walking, crotch grabbing blast that we asked ourselves whether once was really enough.  The answer…NO!  And DJ AWOL (aka AllieKatt) was there to heed our call.

So, last night we donned our white gloves and celebrated Mr. Jackson’s birth.  Had I had a little more foresight, I would have called up the Cake Boss and had him whip up one of these:


Next time fo’ shizzle.

But thanks to DJ AWOL’s sweet mix, I didn’t miss the cake.  This mix was so mind-blowing it reduced me to syllables: YOW, ZA.  I said it last night and I’ll say it again: I have never laughed so hard at DDPP. Between getting cornered by zombies and breaking out into a cross the room hoe-down stomp, I was literally clutching at the walls to stay upright!  Disco Michael, Doo-wop Michael, creepy PYT Michael–this mix had it all!  With only one, extremely necessary, repeat from the July mix, (Mwah-ha-ha!) we were reminded just how versatile MJ was, just how far and wide his reach.  His songs tap into the memories of people all over the globe, and every time we do this I am surprised, shocked even, to hear a song that I’ve known my whole life and not even realized it was sung by Michael Jackson.  Damn.  DJ AWOL, I think you got Michael the perfect gift.

Picture 1

And what’s more, last night was a dual celebration!  DJ AWOL shares her birthday with MJ!   So this Saturday (the actual b-day), shoot a Shamowan into the universe for MJ and AWOL alike.  DJ AWOL, thanks for the gift of your mixes, your sweet moves, and your bold karaoke spirit!  Hope you have a great weekend sister–you deserve it!  In fact, I know what I can get you!  Your very own Sunday DDPP.

That’s right ladies, our monthly summer Sunday DDPP is back THIS SUNDAY!!!  Come on out and get down to the groove of DJ Muzak, who will most assuredly get your pulse pounding.  4 o’clock as usual–be there or be sorry!


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