Boogie Down on Aisle Three…

Ever  taken your baby deer to Jewel and busted out some sweet dance moves amid the boxes of Oysterettes?

grocery store

Me neither.  But that’s because they aren’t playing the right kind of Muzak!  (And because my baby deer doesn’t do carbs).  Thankfully here at DDPP we do Muzak right.  Or rather, DJ Muzak does DDPP right.  I know I can always count on DJ Muzak to upgrade the hits.  She gets us flappin’ our wings and sharpening our claws (WARNING: DDPP may cause you to spontaneously burst into late 80s choreography).  She knows what them girls like–gettin’ crazy!–and our respect for her is no secret.  Many a time I’ve jumped in front of that lava projector and thought holy sh*t, being alive kind of rules.  Ladies, it happened again yesterday afternoon.  Sure, life’s complicated, but it’s alright–as long as you have a dance studio, a room full of fabulous females, and the stylings of one DJ Muzak.

amymixMuch love to you woman–skinny and California!

PS. Sundays are back on FOR GOOD at the end of September.  Stay tuned!


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