Shake yo’ self

“Shake your Ass, Watch yourself, Shake your Ass, Show me what you’re working with”. If you are not familiar with the movie About a Boy, then you have no idea what I’m talking about. If you are, you can picture “Marcus” walking down the hall of his new high school with huge headphones on singing this song, completely unaware of anything around him. He’s into the music, he’s feeling it, and he doesn’t care if he’s a little nerdy while doing it. The point is, its about being in your own space and time. This is exactly what DJ Michelle Leslie Brown let us do last night. We shook our asses to “Shake your groove thing…Shake your booty…” Let’s just say we shook it. Time and time again, she produces a stellar mix with no repeats. Not one. She said it was getting harder to do, but DJ MLB I have no doubt you can hang in there a lot longer. She rocked us and then even through in Rhythm of the Night! Except for the two ladies that walked in and stayed for fifteen minutes, we were feeling this tune. Awwww yeah. Keep it going girl.

02ddpp 090209


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