Sausage Fingers

This is what many of our fingers looked, or probably more accurately – felt like after DJ A LaVee’s rhythmic blood-cell buster of a mix.   


Yep – sausage fingers. Translation: we clapped our hands, we slapped our thighs, we got down low and hit the floor. The room was pulsing with energy and our hands throbbing in that Cougar Mellencamp hurt-so-good kind of way.

DJ A LaVee was flawless in her delivery of throwback one-hit-wonders as well as rescued surprisingly awesome myspace finds from obscurity. More than once in the brief pause between songs I saw the womens panting and smiling, asking “What the hell song was that?” She keeps us guessing and delighting in her diverse aural treasures. We learned a lot last night – including the fun-fact that Skee-lo of the lost 90’s hit “I Wish” was a school guidance counselor. Getting schooled has never been so endorphin releasing. 

Screen shot 2009-09-23 at 5.46.34 PM

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