DJ Easy bake…we missed you, but your tunes were hot out of the oven

I am sorry to say that DJ Easy bake has not had an easy round here at DDPP. First time she decides to DJ, class gets all screwed up and the place has been rented out to another group. The second time she is scheduled to DJ, she gets sick and can’t come. Lo and behold, her mix showed up in our studio with a another beloved DDPP member. Even when she was down for the count, DJ Easy bake’s timer was right on schedule for all the DDPP ladies to enjoy. It was sweet, tasty, and oh so delicious with the edge of her cakes slightly burnt just like we like ’em. Easy Bake…you can cook something up for me anytime.  You rocked it girl and you weren’t even there. Nice job on the mix.

1. Sitting in Limbo (Jimmy Cliff)
2. Gotta Work (Amerie)
3. Actor Out of Work (St. Vincent)
4. Feel the Girl (Ms. Jade)
5. X Offender (Blondie)
6. Powder Room (The Knux)
7. Let’s Spend the Night Together (David Bowie)
8. Let’s Run (Le Tigre)
9. Move (Q-Tip)
10. Diva (Beyonce)
11. Romeo (Donna Summer)
12. Into the Groove (Madonna)
13. Conceited (Remy Ma)
14. My Life Would Suck Without You (Kelly Clarkson)
15. Superstition (Stevie Wonder)
16. Nu Nu (Fannypack)
17. Bad Man’s World (Jenny Lewis)

check out these tasty treats

check out these tasty treats


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