Jill’O’Puddin’ Pops Rock

It was Jill’s 2nd DDPP of her life. And what does she do? She transforms into DJ Jill’O’Puddin Pops and rocks the hell out of it. I’m tempted to rename her DJ Quarry because of deep recess of rock tunes she excavated so expertly. We danced hard. Kind of like this guy, yet we only revealed our inner spazzes, not our rumps (*warning at 1:24 in).

Jill’O’Puddin Pops’ mix has got me wanting to visit the freezer aisle in the grocery store once again, to hopefully find something along the lines of what’s below taking place behind the lean cuisines.

jello pops

Screen shot 2009-10-11 at 6.00.17 PM


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