Golden Age

Dearest DJ Tunerkin, in honor of your birthday, we at DDPP have fashioned you this fashionable cake and given you the nickname “Navin” – which is of course, the backwards spelling of “Nivan”, which is of course if you add the letters RA (an acronym for “Ridiculously Awesome”) gives you NiRvanA, which is of course, what you helped us to achieve last night with your superb mix of tunerkin favorites followed by sweet birthday cuppy cakes. But this is all obvious.


Thank you DJ Tunerkin for continuously inspiring us with your musical tastes and incredible moves! Every DDPP you are at kicks it up many, many notches. May the birthday Nirvana you achieved last night somewhere between 7-8pm last this whole year through.



2 thoughts on “Golden Age

  1. Thank you O great den mother and all the lovely ladies who danced in celebration of my birthday!
    The only thing that concerns me is the Chewbacca cake…..even in the dark you can see that pesky moustache or have you heard the strange wookie-like sounds I emit whilst dancing????

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