Sunny Side (Gets) Down

Florida is known as many things: provider of oranges, land of too  many good college football teams, mecca of hot young Cubans and cold east coast retirees, America’s wang.  But it’s first and foremost the Sunshine State, and this Sunday Florida provided us with her greatest bounty of all: MC Sunshine!

After a week of gloomy-ass rain, the simultaneous burst of actual and MC Sunshine dropped on us like a bomb.  It was almost too much for us vitamin D deprived Midwesterners, yet we just couldn’t get enough! That boom boom boom you heard on the other side of town was the sound of us knocking on wood.  For an hour there was nothing to worry about, and it felt almost as good as we looked on the dancefloor.  By the end of that heart pounding mix we were having a hard time staying alive–but again, Florida comes to the rescue:


But enough about death, let’s talk about birth!  This Sunday was another birthday mix!  Two in one week! Let me say we feel honored, MC Sunshine, that you’d celebrate with us.  I’m so honored in fact, that I can go against all my Southeastern Conference instincts and present you with this:


Though, to be fair, it’s chock-full of laxatives.  No, I’m just kidding!  Maybe.

Seriously though, Happy Birthday MC Sunshine!  You a bad Mamma (Ramma) Jamma.

Picture 1


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