Like the autumn leaves perpetually piling up on the ground and in the gutters, our to-do lists have also been magnificently piling high, only sadly it’s not as fun to take a running leap and jump into them. This is all gibberish for saying why today we bring you last Wednesday’s mix and soon we shall bring you yesterday’s mix. 

Speaking of gibberish, do you ever wonder why there’s absolutely no need to understand they lyrics of a song in order to rock out unabashedly?  The beat, the instrumentation, the emotion of the singer’s voice – it usually says it all. Like this dude below, for instance. 

Music just makes working up a sweat on easier. But don’t just believe my vague generalities, there’s some science behind it people. 

For the last 20 years, Costas Karageorghis, a sports psychologist at Britain’s Brunel University, has been setting the research pace for understanding our need to groove and move. According to Kargeorghis, there are four factors that contribute to a song’s motivational qualities: rhythm response, musicality, cultural impact and association. The first two are known as “internal” factors as they relate to the music’s structure while the second two are “external” factors that reflect how we interpret the music. Rhythm response is tied to the beats per minute (bpm) of the song and how well it matches either the cadence or the heartbeat of the dancer. A song’s structure such as its melody and harmony contribute to its musicality. The external factors consider our musical background and the preferences we have for a certain genre of music and what we have learned to associate with certain songs and artists. (for more click on that link above)

DJHoneycrisp 102109

Last Wednesday, DJ Honeycrisp tapped into the collective musical background and preferences we have for a certain genres of music and created a vortex of rhythm response. We sashayed and parlayed our ripe BPMs into swirls, twirls and ended with a room full of very happy girls. Thank you for being our “Fall Girl” DJ Honeycrisp. You picked just right.


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