A Sassy Brassy Kind of Sunday

Every now and then I come up against a mix so relentless in its fabulousness that I literally can’t take it. What I mean to say is that the beats are so hot, my heart wants to dance itself out of my chest on EVERY SINGLE SONG!!!  And my brain says “Yes!!!  Keep dancing!!!  Dance faster!!!  Dance harder!!!  Dance more!!! Do this song justice!!!”  And then my legs say “Are you kidding me?”

And later, the next day, after a healthy dose of ibuprofen has turned the pain in my knees down from a scream to a dull throb, I go looking for pictures of rubber legs on the internet to illustrate my point and come across this:


Don’t worry, I can tie this together: I loved DJ Sassybrass’s mix yesterday as much as that cow loves that old man’s chin!  And I wasn’t the only one: four, count em, FOUR people came into the studio off the street to check out the flavor behind the bad-ass tunes.  One of them was a dude quite possibly a decade or two older than the above cowpoke.  You should have seen the smile on that guy’s face!

And as if that didn’t make this Sunday exciting enough, it was DJ Sassybrass’s birthday!  Not just her celebratory birthday mix, her actual birthday!   I gotta say, I’m loving this trend.  DJSB, after the gift of your killer mix we here at DDPP have something to present you.  It’s even better than a birthday cake:


Yeah that’s right, it’s a giant Twix.  And it comes with instructions.  You’re welcome ladies.

Happy Birthday DJ Sassybrass!!!  Thanks for shakin’ what your mamma gave ya, and for thankin’ your mama.

Picture 1-2




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