They Say The 80s Are Coming Back…

Let’s face it, Halloween is always risky business: razor blades in apples, needles in candy bars, all you can drink costume parties.  And there’s always the danger of putting off your costume idea until five minutes before DDPP.  Well, clearly one of your den mothers had the foresight to plan something mam(mary)moth, and the other slid in just under the wire…


If you missed it, be sorry!

Believe it or not, the scariest part of Sunday wasn’t even our costumes!  We rocked out to a super spooky mix by none other than DJ Jill O’ Puddin’ Pops, the master of murderous moves!  We also got geeked up on sugar.  Because really, Great Pumpkin aside, candy is the true meaning of Halloween. 


Screen shot 2009-10-30 at 5[1].05.04 PM


AND, in other exciting news, DDPP is on Yelp.  Stop on by and give us a review!  Tell all of your friends!


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