A Change Did Indeed Come

DJ Michelle Leslie Brown is one of our all-time top mix masters. The woman provides. In just this past week alone, she’s handed us not one, but two outstanding mixes. She’s a double-your-pleasure kinda lady, I suppose.


Woah! Where the hell did that dude come from? We do not condone smoking. Repeat – smoking is not good for you. But this man did come up when I googled “double your pleasure” – but we’re only inviting him to lounge on the back porch – not to come inside and have a drink.

Anyway – last Wednesday, Jenn B was ill and Jenn M Den Mothered and danced the hell out of class. This is what she and the other lovelies jammed out to thanks to DJ MLB’s fine ear and eye for tune stacking.

ddpp 102809And just one week later, fortunes have been reversed with Jenn B being the healthy one and Jenn M taking a health breather for the team. My oh my change keeps changing.

Just a couple of hours ago, DJ MLB donned her alter ego, DJ Re-Run and brought back some supremely magic memories with her Election Night Mix… revisited. She played this same mix exactly one year ago. Even though in this past year a coupla little things have transpired… like a massive recession, global banking system collapse, new wars being waged, still not equal rights for all, etc… tonight we took a break from the grind of all the bad news and honored all the changes that have already come, and made an inviting space available for all the inevitable change to be.


Thank you DJ MLB for reminding us that yes we did… and yes we still certainly can. We know darn well we can work it out.

ddpp 110409 [p.s. And if you’re so inclined to hear one of your den mothers fumble for words trying to assess what’s changed in America this past year on Australian radio (from a year ago and today) knock yourself out here.]


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