Ladies, yesterday’s mix left me positively glowing.  Literally:


Yes, believe your eyes!  That is your den mother’s hand, sporting some sweet-ass glow stick bracelets courtesy of the fantabulous DJ Lil’ E.  She brought enough for everyone, and it was pretty much the coolest. thing. EVER.  Thank you Lil’ E!

Not like her mix needed any extra pizzaz, though.  While she is diminutive, there’s never anything lil’ about Lil’ E’s jams!  Anyone who lived through track number 7 can attest to that (it really did feel like the end of the world, at least in my chest cavity!)  The energy in the studio yesterday was brighter than our bracelets, and we stomp/clapped/ran amok with giant smiles on our faces. Nearly every song had someone shouting “Yes!” within the first few seconds, and at the end of the evening we were sweaty, exhausted, and elated.  Hate that you live so far away girlfriend!  Get started on that next mix!

Picture 2


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