Of the Muffin Variety

This week’s mix was too wild for words!  And so I present the following:

Yeah, all those cage scenes?  They happened. (Courtesy of DJ Muzak, and the best floor crawl I have EVER seen.)  And this:

Yeah, that happened too. (Who knew imitating Wade Robson’s moves could be so exhausting?!!)

Basically, DJ Lady K Stud’s mix was studly as always, and drove a room full of ladies to go COMPLETELY BANANAS (as hot studs often do.)  I mean, a Ting Tings cover?  Bizarre Inc.?  I bow down to your prowess woman.  You made it, took it, and got it into the groove.  It was a wolf day afternoon that none of us will soon forget:

LadyKstud 11-15 Playlist

Hail Lady K Stud!  And thanks to all the ladies who let it all hang out this Sunday!  My head is still spinning!

Almost forgot to give props to the fantastic t-shirts the KStud crew were sporting (practically made for DDPP!), and remind you all that there will be DDPP on November 29!  Come on out and get your turkey burn on!!!


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