Cover This

DJ Tunerkin is climbing up the list as one of our MVDJs as this marks more than a healthy handful of tremendous mixes she’s supplied over the years.

Each tune on her line-up came out like hot little spicy mushroom poppers on a silver platter. They were perfectly catered the the ravenous dozen ladies who plucked them from the air and twirled, rocked and digested them into their own style of physical sustenance.

She had us wiggling it and swinging from the metaphorical chandeliers like our names were all Crystal Light. Yeah. Remember that crap? Well turns out they sponsored their own kind of DDPP Olympics back in the 80s. Which from the looks of that video, makes me reconsider the “no boys” policy. As for the “no booze” policy? Well this video reinforces the need for that rule. Good thing DDPP doesn’t happen in a tent, or have poles…

Behold: Tunerkin’s Tuneage!


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