From the Twin Cities, With Love

Having enjoyed over 231 DDPP sessions in this town, I thought I’d seen it all. There’s been spontaneous full-class choreography, men accidentally wandering in and wanting to join, and even a lady who brought her full S&M outfit to get down in.

But Minnesota, you rocked us in new and inexplicable ways with your first ever booty-busting love letter.

Thanks to some binding ties of slick moves and fancy friendship between the Twin Cities and the Chicago DDPP chapters, the idea was born to make each other a love letter in the form of a mix. Chicago polled it’s ladies for their latest favorites, and here’s what we came up with.  Minnesota rocked out to ours last week. Below, is what those fabulous women of the Gopher state had us go for this past Sunday:

This is precisely the type of mix makes us want to join forces in a more well, forceful way, and declare Minneapolis/St.Paul & Chicago as the Triplet Cities. Would that be weird? Would we be that sister who’s trying so hard to get you to braid her hair but all you twins want to do is listen to your ipod with the headphone splitter in the back seat and giggle all the way through Wisconsin? We hope it’d be more like this:

We’ll share our music and potato salad with you anytime. Just send us another letter mix. Pretty Please?


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