Awesome Sauce

n case you wondered, yes. Last Wednesday’s DDPP was canceled due to those cold wet slaps in the face we refer to as “Chicago winter.” DJ Michelle Leslie Brown will be spinning her beats tomorrow night, and you bet it’s gonna be the perfect antidote to this bastard weather.

So yes, back to last Sunday. DJ Quelquefois (nee D J Bran, aka me) got out my rust remover and feather duster and went at it in iTunes.  It’s been since June that I last offered my tunes for the dancing to and I was a little worried I lost my mojo. Most graciously, the ladies did not seem to think so. This is what happened:

And in observance of the time-honored tradition of nearly forgetting Hanukkah in the midst of the X-mas hub-bub, I called upon the muse of Jewsion (Jewish Fusion) for my mix. I took ancient favorites (like the Bee Gees) and smooshed them together with new loves (Mother Mother), pan fried them and covered them with awesome sauce. This picture below says it better than I ever could.

Yes – those are latkchos (latkes + nachos). Happy Hanukkah!


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