DDPP #226

What IS in a number, specifically 226?

If you ask my best friend in the world, Mr. Google, first and foremost – 226 means Canada’s 25th geographical region – which includes the area code for dialing such jazzy locations as as Listowel, Kitchener-Waterloo and let’s not forget Tilsonburg again.

Mr. clairvoyant Googlepants also tells us that 226 symbolizes re-runs – which is fitting seeing as how our DJ Michelle Leslie Brown was thwarted by the weather of last Wednesday and re-ran the mix she was supposed to spin that sleety evening a week later. Check it, Ira even says so.

226 is also obviously the numerical code for pet goats, as we remember from zoology 101.

And goats of course, ar the PERFECT metaphor for what our MVP DJ Michelle Leslie Brown brought  in the form of a mix to this, our 226th ever Chicago gathering of DDPP.

“Goat teaches us how to create a solid foundation on which to stand and helps us develop confidence as we move towards new heights and aspirations. If the mountain goat appears to us we should examine our present foundation and make sure it is serving us appropriately. It can also indicate a need to let go of the “security of our insecurity” and undertake new endeavors pertinent to our growth.”

This reading is of  great meaning to the many DDPP virgins who showed up to shake it (thank you!). We hope you grabbed onto the goat horn spirit of DDPP and let go of the security of our insecurity via group dancing. That’s what this shit is for, afterall. Right goatie? Drop that red sign already and get down.


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