No DDPP Chicago until 2010

A very happy Channukmas to all ya’ll!

This is a short note to let you know there will be NO Dance Dance Party Party until next decade… otherwise known as a little over a week from now.

Break down:

No DDPP on Sun Dec 27th
No DDPP on Weds Dec 30th

After that, we’re back on as usual – Wednesday nights (7-8) and Sunday afternoons (4-5).

Here’s hoping there’s a resolution on your list to treat yourself to 1-2 hours of pure ecstatic joy into the new year! If so – we’ll see you soon…

Thanks for making this little-happening-that-could possible! We’re really so lucky to be rounding the bend into our 4th year of existence. We resolve to say thank you more often. 🙂

Happy, safe and warm holidays to you friends!

Highest kicks,

Jenns Brandel & Martin: Wednesdays!
Kell(e)ys Clink & Vanater: Sundays!

(if you’re wondering why there is not some silly stupid picture on here it’s because I”m out of town, posting on a hotel computer that will not allow such thing – boo!)


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